Greetings from Applied Life Leaders Academy,
I hope this finds everyone well and healthy. I wanted to take a moment and let you know the difficult decision that we have been faced with concerning holding Leaders Academy for this September 2020. For the past 34 years we have fulfilled the God-given vision of loving, training, and equipping young adults for their future. We have never missed a year or ever wavered in our vision for Applied Life! It has produced so much good fruit. It is more needed today than any other time!
That is what makes writing this and informing you of our decision to not hold classes this fall so difficult. It has been an extremely difficult decision to make and one we are making with great reluctance. After much prayer and discussion, we feel it is the decision we are forced to make. No one could ever have predicted the changes that our country is experiencing right now. It is unprecedented what we as a nation are dealing with and how it has affected our daily lives.
One of the important concerns we have as a ministry is that we deliver to the interns and the parents what we advertise we can deliver. The integrity of our ministry is extremely important to us and we always want to do what we say we are capable of doing. Because of covid-19 and all of its consequences, we are unable to fulfill our promise to provide interns and parents with an experience that we say we can offer. Please understand that we ARE NOT shutting down LA, far from it! But in the face of all of the challenges our nation is up against, and in light of how it affects the internship, we have decided that it is in the best interest of the young people signed up to attend that we postpone classes for this year.
At this time, we are prepared and excited to have LA for the fall of 2021. If you are still interested in attending, we definitely encourage you to do so next year. I can promise you this, LA is certainly worth the wait!! We pray God’s wisdom for you as you navigate through the next steps of your life. Once again, it is with great reluctance that I inform you of this decision and we ask that you pray for us as we endeavor to fulfill the call to train young adults in the future. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email at
Paul Kern


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